Euchre Info

for newbies and those seeking to learn strategy


Euchre Quizzes:
  1. What Should You Discard? (a ONE question quiz)
  2. What Should You Lead? (a ONE question quiz)
  3. Euchre Quiz - test your Euchre Skills. *This is an advanced skill test - from

Euchre Lessons:
Euchre Lessons - "a self-study course in Euchre" -

Euchre Video Lessons:
click here. Free online videos by Joe Andrews - each one just 1 - 3 1/2 minutes in length

Euchre Strategy:
  1. Basic Euchre Strategy - - (Calling Next, 2nd Hand Low and more)
  2. Euchre Strategy -
  3. Euchre Tips & Tricks -
  4. K-9 Kicker - Edwards & Lapp
  5. Passing Dirty - 
  6. What Card to Lead -
  7. Euchre Playing Strategy -
  8. Euchre Columns - Natty Bumppo

Euchre Point Systems - (for determining whether or not to declare trump [order up] by totaling the point value of each card in your hand)
  1. - (example included) - *We found this one easier to use and remember. large print edition - Euchre Point System
  2. Euchre Point System Example - 

Euchre Strategy Polls - these are just ONE question polls
  1. Do You Call or Pass?
  2. Should You Go Alone or Bring Your Partner?
  3. What Should You Discard?

Euchre Classic Strategy Tips:
The 10 Commandments of Euchre - by Harvey "The Rabbit" Lapp

Harvey "The Rabbit" Lapp's websites:

Ohio Euchre: - "Teaching the correct method of playing Euchre"