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Euchre Classic:
The 10 Commandments of Euchre - good strategy tips

Euchre for Kids:
click here. Includes chart/ cheat sheet

Euchre Rule & Game Variations:
Euchre Rule & Game Variations (including Bid Euchre)

How to hold your own Euchre tournament:
Euchre Printables - Euchre score board, score cards & rotation charts from

Free game site that has Euchre: - our favorite game site

Play Euchre (for free) against robots, no download required: (these are NOT game sites)
  1. - dealer is indicated by a hat on his head
  2. Euchre Hub

Fun Euchre Quizzes:

More Euchre Stuff:
  1. Euchre Science yahoo group - a place to discuss Euchre strategies - topics
  2. Euchre Family of Games - (see the "Euchre Group" listed on the right side) from