Euchre Info

for newbies and those seeking to study strategy


We (krazykaren & SardineBreath) are a couple of Euchre addicts. We learned to play Euchre online, and had many questions regarding what terminology meant and where to learn strategy. As we studied up on Euchre, we realized what we learned might benefit others; hence, this website. We feel our "Basic Euchre Terminology" (+ Strategy Info) and "When to Bid" documents may be particularly helpful. We welcome your feedback & suggestions.

Come find us at - we'd love to play some Euchre with you!


krazykaren & SardineBreath

ps:  If you have a funny Euchre phrase or picture...feel free to submit it for a meme. You can create a Euchre meme yourself or we can create one for you. Of course we'll give you credit!